Ahead of the new academic year, the Learner Support Fund team made a concerted effort to increase awareness of bursary support, ensuring that as many students as possible are given assistance in pursuing their goals.

The key change has been the introduction of an online application form, allowing students to track the status of their applications and receive support in a timely manner.

Bursary support includes assistance with meals and travel to college, as well as funding of childcare for 20+ students, and we are delighted to announce that over 6,750 applications have been received already.

To put this into perspective, we have already surpassed the 6,602 students that were supported through LSF in the entire year in 2018/19.

In addition to his, we have received over 300 applications for support with childcare costs, and hope to launch an online application form to cover this provision over the coming year, to ensure a smoother and easier process for students.

If any of your students are interested in applying for the Learner Support Fund, the application form can be accessed under Student Finance 19/20 on the Student Intranet.