It has been a busy few months in the Transnational team – we have supported more than twenty groups to complete successful Erasmus+ experiences since the beginning of 2019.

Students and staff have worked in a wide variety of work placements (and tackled some extreme conditions – Finland in February?!) to enhance their work and employability skills. Along with gaining technical skills, the experiences have provided real opportunities to gain many desirable soft skills such as budgeting, flexibility and dealing with unknown situations.

So far this year, students have completed placements in Austria,  Spain, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Italy and Iceland. Particularly, the placements in Austria and Iceland were unique.

In Austria, we had two HE Sports students working in a ski-shop, learning about preparing and servicing ski equipment as well as honing their customer service skills.

In Iceland, we had four Patisserie students complete a three-week placement in the restaurant in Ikea Reykjavik. At first, this might sound strange, but in fact, the Ikea restaurant is the biggest and busiest restaurant in the whole of Iceland! Each day they produce hundreds of desserts, traditional pastries and cakes, perfect for our young patisserie chefs.

Moving into spring, we have many more groups lined up to complete placements around the EU as well as supporting a number of our EU partners’ students and staff in college and working around Leeds.